Who we are

Lending Solutions Made Easy

Rehab Wallet is one of the East Coast’s premier private real estate lenders providing small balance loan solutions to residential investors and developers. Headquartered in South Carolina, Rehab Wallet is led by a management with a combined 40+ years of relevant professional real estate experience. Since inception, the firm has generated attractive returns for its borrowers and investors.

Lending Solutions Made Easy

Our Executive Team

  • Kelli Garrett

    Managing Partner

  • Dan Handford

    Managing Partner

  • Danny Randazzo

    Managing Partner

  • Angela Dunn

    Managing Director

  • Harris Jones

    Director of Operations

  • Ana Teixeira

    Director of Sales

  • Kelly Robinson

    Operations Manager

  • Amanda Myers

    Director of Compliance

  • Stacey Foster

    Finance Coordinator

  • Melissa Broom

    Director of Marketing and Public Relations

  • Susie Balda

    Loan Originator

  • Kassidy Mattingly

    Loan Processor

  • Jennifer Julian

    Administrative Associate

Our Experience: How It Shaped Rehab Wallet's Investment Philosophy

Managing Partner, Kelli Garrett spent 10 years as a real estate lender when she realized there was a demand for more money in the industry. Kelli decided to reach out to Danny Randazzo, a managing partner at PassiveInvesting.com. Why? The requests she had for loans exceeded the amount she had to lend.


When Danny brought Kelli’s “problem” to the other managing partner at PassiveInvesting.com, Dan Handford, he was immediately interested in partnering with Kelli to provide the marketplace with a solution. The result was Rehab Wallet.


The PassiveInvesting.com Team, who specializes in apartment syndications, is extremely excited that Rehab Wallet will allow them to provide their over 2,000 passive investors with an array of innovative investment opportunities, both short-term and long-term.


Rehab Wallet’s philosophy is “Funding for your real estate investments made easy” – what does this mean? They understand what their borrowers do every day and try to keep all unnecessary paperwork off their plates. They are real people, who want you to succeed with the main focus being on the loan to value when making decisions. Plus, they offer competitive rates with quick approvals for qualified real estate investors.